Item Number: FORT1000
USD 60.00
Net Wt.: 8 oz x 2
Contains 1 x Oolong Tea, 1 x Green Tea

Oolong, also spelled as Wu-Long, is a semi-fermented tea which is known for its rich
taste and pleasant lasting aftertaste. Oolongs are further classified as Dark or Green with
Dark Oolongs baked longer than Green Oolongs. Green Oolongs (which are not related
to Green teas in any way) tend to have a stronger fragrance while Dark Oolongs tend to
have a stronger aftertaste. Special Baked Oolong is the only Oolong that is an
intermediate Dark-Green Oolong.

Green Tea is classifed as non-fermented tea in order to preserve its active elements.
When drinking green tea, you will notice the fresh aroma, crisp color, and its vigorous
taste, its tea color is luminous and full of youth, it’s the perfect tea for all year around.
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