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Pure's Series Green Tea
Item Number: 4GR360T
USD 20.00
Net Wt.: 5.3 oz

Green Tea is classifed as non-fermented tea in order to preserve
its active elements. When drinking green tea, you will notice the
fresh aroma, crisp color, and its vigorous taste, its tea color is
luminous and full of youth, it’s the perfect tea for all year around.
Pure's Series
Pure's Series Tsuey-Yu Oolong Tea
Item Number: 8TJ450T
USD 20.00
Net Wt.: 10.6 oz

Tsuey-Yu Oolong Tea is categorized under Oolong Tea family
and is grown On high mountain region . The high mountain
region provides excellent Climate and perfect geological
environment to grow tea trees .By combining with Ten Rens most
up-to-date refining equipment, the tea encloses elegant aroma
and mellow taste. Tsuey-Yu Oolong Tea accepts Great reviews
and enjoyment from its unique characteristics.
Pure's Series Jin Xuan (Chin-Hsuan) Oolong Tea
Item Number: 8TU450T
USD 20.00   Out of Stock
Net Wt.: 10.6 oz

Jin-Xuan Oolong Tea Classify as light-fermented Oolong  tea ,
cultivated in Taiwan within high Mountain area . With golden tea
color when brew and surrounded by light Creamy and floral
flavor, these are the main characteristic that makes this Tea
exceptionally popular.