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Winter/Spring Oolong Tea
Spring Ten Lu Tea
Item Number: 8TL
USD 140.00
Net Wt.: 10.6 oz

Ten Lu Tea is considered as light-fermented
Oolong Tea, it is planted in Mountain Lu
region. The high mountain climate in
Mountain Lu possesses a suitable
environment with adequate moisture and
fertile soil to grow remarkable high mountain
teas. Ten Lu Tea possess refreshing and
delicate taste with graceful refined aroma.
Ten Ren utilizes professional experience in
tea making to select top quality tea leaves
with specialized quality control and package,
Ten Ren produces most valuable high
mountain teas.
Winter Ten Wu Tea
Item Number: 8TW
USD 140.00
Net Wt.: 10.6 oz

Ten Wu tea grows in Wusheh which beside
Hohuan mountain at 1300 meters elevation.
So far, it is the highest tea plantation for the
tea tree to absorb the essence of nature.
Ten Wu tea is known by connoisseurs as the
world’s finest tea.