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Ten Li Oolong Tea
Ten Li Tea
Item Number: 2TL1000
USD 45.00
Net Wt.: 2.65 oz

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Item Number: 4TL2000
USD 90.00
Net Wt.: 5.3 oz
Ten Li (Tianli) is TenRen's most unique and highest quality Oolong. Grown in the Li
Mountains of Taiwan, this tea is harvested at the highest elevation of 1200 meters in an
isolated area. Due to the cold weather and relatively harsh environment, the plants grow
at a very slow rate and in small quantities. The tea is either harvested during the winter or
summer and sometimes only once during the entire year. After the harvest, the leaves
are carefully handled and aerated during the long ride to the nearest tea master. Despite
the difficult growing conditions, the leaves are selected as the highest quality of Oolong.
The steeped tea has a pale yellow-green color matching its faint fresh scent. Once
tasted, the tea presents itself with a fresh taste followed by a sweet smooth aftertaste.
Ten Li Tea
Item Number: 5TL2500-G
USD 110.00
Net Wt.: 6.6 oz