Fresh Green Tea
(Whole Leaves)
Ten Ren's Whole-leaves Green Tea is classified as non-fermented tea, it which
gives its name Fresh Green Tea. The light rejuvenating taste of Green Tea is often
enjoyed with many of its health benefits. Many researchers have Green Tea
reported to contain vitamin C and Catechins to order to help prevent cancer.

Whole-leaves tea bags are produced with the newest equipment and skill,
maintaining its most original form of tea leaf. The new way of producing allows the
tea leaf to be packaged without having to crush the whole-leaf into small bits.

Pour boiling water over the tea bag and brew for 3 minutes or to desired strength.
Remove tea bag and serve.
18 Teabags
Item Number: GRTB18
Individually sealed
Net wt. 1.9 oz. poids net 36g
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also come in 3 in 1 package
15 Teabags
(5 x Fresh Green Tea, 5 x Jasmine
Tea, 5 x High Mountain Oolong Tea)
USD 6.00
Item Number: 3TB15
Individually sealed