Jasmine Tea (Whole Leaves)
Ten Ren's Whole-leaves Jasmine Tea is composed of Green Tea and scented
repeatedly with fresh jasmine flowers. It is classified as a non-fermented tea, which
has a rich yellow texture and sweet floral flavor when brewed.

Whole-leaves tea bags are produced with up-to-date equipment and skills;
maintaining an original tea leaf form. Refined techniques allows the tea leaf to be
packaged in its natural whole-leaf state.

Pour boiling water over the tea bag and brew for 3 minutes or to desired strength.
Remove tea bag and serve.
18 Teabags
USD 5.00
Item Number: STB18C
Individually sealed
Net wt. 1.9 oz. poids net 36g
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also come in 3 in 1 package
15 Teabags
(5 x Fresh Green Tea, 5 x Jasmine
Tea, 5 x High Mountain Oolong Tea)
USD 3.50
Item Number: 3TB15
Individually sealed